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It’s been a few days since I wrote anything. I’m trying to get this blogging thing down. Since I’m such a perfectionist, I am taking the Blogging 101 class online that WordPress offers.  I’m learning about hashtags and how to find new ones. ( note: be carefull what you hashtag it may not be what you want to associate yourself with) just saying. How to connect to Facebook-Twitter-Instagram. Posting pictures, videos and writing interesting text. Getting people to see you and follow you. Oh my!!!!  There is a lot to it especially if you want there to be quality to what it is you are putting on your blog to share. 

People have asked me; ( like they have it figured out) 

Q …How are you going to make money on your blog? 

A… I don’t know.  I’m just starting this because I like to share with others what I see and what I know. Teaching is one of my gifts.  

Q… Have you linked your Facebook with your Instagram ? 

A… Are you kidding! I just set up an account on Instagram and learning what that does. Let alone linking everything together.    PAM.YEOMAN if you want to find me. 

Q… If you wanted your blog to be about gluten free why did you pick wheatfreetravelers as your blog name? They aren’t the same you know. 😏

A… I know they aren’t the same, I have Celiacs. Some people just want to live wheat free and don’t care about rye or barley or all the other hidden code names for wheat. I want to be able to reach both types of people. All my home made foods and receipes I post are Gluten Free my home is gluten free , my life is gluten free. Besides, gluten free traveler was already taken. 😊

Q… How can you write about being gluten free if your not an expert?  

A… Just because I do not have a degree or initials behind my name does not mean I’m not an expert. I have put so many hours and reading into studying about my disease. I’m sure I can share some of my knowledge and the tricks I have learned along the way. Just to set the record straight. I am not an RN, MD, PHD, dietitian or food specialist. I have had Celiacs all my life and heard the word for the first time 9 years ago. At that time I didn’t even know how to spell gluten let alone all the harm it has done to my body. So everything I share is from my knowledge and my experiences. That’s it..

Q…. What kind of things are you going to write about? 

A… I’m still figuring that out. I do want to share some of my home cooked dishes with everyone. Both Bill and I are pretty good cooks. But I also think it is my mission to educate restaurants about what it is to be gluten free. And I want to share places that I have been to that really understand what cross contamination is about. And yes we can still eat broccoli, it is gluten free. I think we all have experience that frustration. Then you are frightened because you want to enjoy your meal but wondering if you will be sick for the next 6 weeks. 

So as I conclude this little post I just would like to say. Come with me as I travel and cook and learn about what it means to be Wheatfreetravelers in this crazy world of fast food-bad food. Let’s explore together the towns and cities we live in for good eats and fun times. I would love to start hearing from others that are on this path with me. Because being wheat free/gluten free is more than a fad its a life style and for some of us it is our life. 

God bless you and safe travels. 

Pam and Bill           wheatfreetravelers

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Jumbo Double Chocolate Cupcakes 

These jumbo cupcakes are so easy to make with help from the folks at Betty Crocker. I simply use this mix and add extra goodies. They are so rich and good you may want to share one with a non gluten-free friend. 

You will need;

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Devils Food cake Mix      

                                                         Milk                                                 Eggs                                         Xanthan gum                                                 Dark or semi sweet chocolate chips                  Jumbo paper baking cups                                  Jumbo 6 cup muffin pan.  

 Substituting milk for water, add soften butter,eggs and 1/4 tsp *Xanthan gum.  Blend according to instructions. Place cupcake papers in cupcake/muffin tin.  Scoop  1/2 cup batter or enough to fill 2/3 of the cupcake tin. This should evenly distribute all of the batter. Sprinkle chocolate chips over each cupcake. You can sprinkle a few or a lot depending on individual taste. My husband like a lot of chocolate  so I put enough to cover the top of the cupcake. They will sink in as they bake.  Then bake until done. Because of the larger tins you will need to bake longer that what the instructions call for. Yes I bake in my little RV oven. The pan fits perfectly. I also had to adjust the temperature because I think my oven gauge is a little lower. So another words my 350 setting is really about 325. So I have to set it higher. I should get that adjusted. 


  You can see in the background a few of the cupcakes are spilling over, that’s because they were too full, whoops!  Not to worry ….. I just trimmed them up by cutting the excess off with a serrated knife and when cool frost with a butter cream or cream cheese frosting. Sprinkle on a few pecans. You are good to go. I find that gluten free cupcakes and muffins are usually great the first day and by the 3 rd day they are dry. So don’t try to save them too long. Enjoy them with a big glass of cold milk or hot coffee.  

   *Xanthan gum is used in gluten-free baking to give the dough or batter a “stickiness” that would otherwise be achieved with the gluten. It can be purchased in bulk or in small packets at your favorite market.